Why this course & why now

After 6 years of working professionally as a sound therapist, artist and meditation teacher, 500+ sessions, ceremonies, workshops and performances with many thousands of people around the world I feel now is the time to share all that I’ve learned on my journey with you. I’ve poured all of my life learnings and knowledge into this course with the intention to help you find your unique voice and share your gifts with the world.

I've created this course to teach you everything you could possibly need to practice sound therapy professionally, whether that be specializing in group sound baths, working 1 on 1, corporate wellness, or integrating sound into your massage, yoga, or other holistic practice. 

Included is a 3-month mentorship with me so I can work 1 on 1 with you on this journey, as well as, in a private community group where you can ask me questions and connect with others in the course. 

I believe in making this work accessible to all and over the past 6 years, I've consciously chosen to work as a bridge. From the opening ceremony for an art exhibition with the Dalai Lama to SXSW to the World Economic Forum and music festivals around the world, I believe in the power of sound to unite and heal.

I believe the universe is more like music than matter and that by learning how to work with vibration and frequency we can make a powerful shift in our world. This course will help you tap into the healer within as I believe we are all healers.


What you'll learn

During this virtual course we will cover these items and much more

  • How to effectively use 9 instruments including the voice

  • How to work with groups, 1-1 sessions & corporate clients

  • The sacred & scientific details of sound therapy

  • How to work with energy (yours & your clients')

  • The practical side (how to setup online sessions, buying instruments etc.)

  • How to structure your sound bath or private sessions

  • How to launch, expand & market your business

  • Guidance with finding your unique frequency & offering

As featured in

Included in the training

  • 3 month mentorship with Stacey; including 4 x 30 min. personal coaching sessions via Zoom

  • Over 200 on-demand videos, presentations, documents + assignments

  • 7 x 90 min. group Zoom calls (10.5 hours total, although usually longer)

  • A certification upon completion

  • Access to private community area to share with your fellow students & ask questions

  • 1 year long access to the entire course (including newly added content)

  • Listing on Shift website for potential work opportunities

  • Opportunity to work as an apprentice at a future Shift event

Course curriculum

During this intensive 12 week journey, we will cover:

Introduction to the course

We’ll kick off with the first of our 90 min. live Zoom calls, outlining the whole course and what you can expect. I’ll talk more about my approach, the current landscape, and our home frequency or sonic signature. I’ll explain what sound therapy or sound healing is, the benefits, and give an overview of all the instruments included in the course. Contraindications for working with sound, an instrument buying guide, and a suggested reading list are also included.

Module 1

Understanding & becoming sensitive to sound

I’ll cover the history of sound healing, give an intro to the physics of sound, explain the brain wave states, psychoacoustics, vibroacoustics, as well as the golden ratio and sacred geometry and how they relate to sound. We’ll delve into entrainment, resonance, binaural beats, the primo vascular system, biofeedback, and the effects of sound on the nervous system. Frequencies and the current debates, including the solfeggio frequencies. The benefits of sound healing and the effects on the body. We’ll also discuss the future of sound including the emerging 3D (8D) ambisonic music creation.

We’ll also deepen your ability for deep listening through various practices, such as mindfulness. Meditations will be provided to assist in this process. We’ll also look at the importance of silence through various practices. 

Module 2

Working with energy 
This is an important topic as sound therapy is energy work. The instruments are tools for working with our energy, the energy of the group, and universal energy.

Part 1: Learning to work with your own energy
You’ll be guided through various exercises to become more sensitive to your own energy and develop your intuition. We’ll cover the energetic anatomy, the chakras, affirmations, embodiment, and tapping into your home frequency. You’ll be guided to identify your dominant “Clair” (clairaudience, clairvoyance, etc.) Assignments, meditations, and recordings will help in this process. We’ll also cover the basics of channeling and light language/codes. The importance of self-care is covered, with tips such as vagal toning exercises and energetic clearing and protection. 

Part 2: Working with your clients/groups’ energy 

You’ll learn various energy field assessment techniques when working 1-1 with clients, how to diagnose imbalances in the chakras, and tapping into the energy of a group using your intuition. & more...

Module 3

Crystal singing bowls 

My personal favourite, we’ll go into all things crystal singing bowls, from how they are made, to the history (fact and fiction), and review all the types of bowls. You’ll learn how to connect with your bowls, how to improvise with the voice, and use your intuition. And of course, there will be many videos demonstrating the various techniques, protocols, and ways to play in various settings. I’ll also go into an area here that may be a little out there for some, but is a core aspect of how I work: channeling and light codes.

Module 4

Working with the voice 
We’ll cover the types of healing with voice, the history of voice as a healing tool and the vocal anatomy. There will be many exercises and assignments, including vocal warm-up exercises, how to extend your natural harmonics and how to find your home tone or frequency. We’ll talk overtones, and do various vocal toning exercises to work with the chakras. We’ll cover the 6 healing sounds, the Bija mantras, nada yoga (the yoga of sound) and the Ayurvedic mantra perusha. You’ll learn about mantras and chanting and how to combine your voice with various instruments. We’ll cover Intuitive singing, as well as, prescribing specific voice work to your clients. Medicine songs and a client demo will help round out this very full module.

Module 5

Tuning forks

The many types of tuning forks are explained as well as the different approaches to using these in your sound work. We’ll cover Sonopucture, which is the application of tuning forks on reflex points of the meridians, hands, feet, and spine, based on acupuncture. These ortho forks include the 128 hertz, the 64 hertz, and the 32 hertz. We’ll look at how to remedy specific health issues using various techniques. We’ll also go into using the harmonic spectrum set that is played off the body with 1-1 sessions and in group sound baths. The human biofield approach will be demonstrated, as well as using 1, 2, and 3 forks at the same time. And the details of putting together a treatment plan.

Module 6

Drums & Rhythm

This module delves into the history of healing with drums in various cultures. You’ll learn about types of drums and beaters and how to ground with drumming and rhythm. Techniques for playing the frame drum, the ocean drum, and small metal drums are included. We’ll go into shamanic healing with drums and rhythms, and the medicine wheel rhythm patterns.

Module 7

Tibetan singing bowls 

We begin with the history, culture, and composition of the bowls. This module covers ways of working with both groups and 1-1. We’ll cover the association with the endocrine system, how to trigger the relaxation response, and how to both replenish and release energy from the body. Many techniques will be demonstrated for: working off the body, on the body, with clients laying face up and face down. There will also be a demonstration of how to give a full body vibrational massage. And details on using the musical intervals with these bowls. 

Module 8

The Gong

We’ll go into the history and types of gongs and ways to work with them. You’ll learn how to prime a gong, how to use different types of mallets, flumis, and about gong dynamics. The placement of gongs in various situations, gongs and phi, as well as, demonstrations of many different techniques will be covered. Techniques for working over the body, around the body, and from a stationary position are also included. Techniques using 1 mallet, and 2 mallets will open up the possibilities for you.

Module 9

Additional instruments

Introduction to and working with the four elemental Koshi chimes. How to use various rattles, shakers, a rainstick, as well as, the tingsha. We'll also cover the Sansula/Kalimba, the newest versions of ancient African instruments, as well as, demonstrations of playing styles and how to incorporate them into your practice.

Module 10

Creating & holding space

What does “holding space” mean? Space clearing techniques, as well as, ritual and ceremonial settings are covered. We’ll touch on appreciation vs. appropriation as it relates to traditional wisdom cultures. The practical side of how to choose your venues for both in-person sessions for groups, 1-1 and corporate, as well as, the technical details and various options for setting up a virtual sound therapy practice. Examples and best practices will be shared. We’ll also go into the importance of intentionality in your sessions and the practical elements to set up your space.

Module 11

Ways of Working & Putting it all together 

We’ll dive deep into the various styles and services you can offer from working 1-1 privately, with couples, with small groups, in retreats, mass meditations, and in corporate environments. I’ll share ways of integrating sound therapy into your current holistic businesses, such as yoga, acupuncture, massage, and even how to work with children. We’ll also go into ways to collaborate with artists and musicians to create innovative offerings both offline and online. Also covered are the various ways of how to structure your sound baths or 1-1 session and other modalities to potentially integrate, including working with plant medicines. 

Demonstration of a full sound bath for you to see all the elements come together. I’ll also show an example of a 1-1 client session where we address a specific issue. Pre and post-sound bath and 1-1 session communication and expectations are explained.

Module 12

Creating your business

Coming from a marketing and brand strategy background, I want to help you find your unique voice and create or expand your brand. Guidance to find your niche, tell your story, and fine-tune your offerings are provided. We’ll look at aligning your values, how to create a business plan, your target audience, your way of working, how to set pricing, and more. Also how to market, be your own publicist, create collaborations and events to amplify your offering. You’ll also learn best practices for your online presence and the various channels to reach your audience. Building community, pitching to corporate clients and an overview of the practical side (administrative, insurance) round out this section.


I’ll go into the details here of what you need to complete in order to receive your certification. Tips and best practices for creating case studies, as well as template documents to help you along are included. You’ll have up to one year from the course start date to finish all the certification requirements.

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Corporate clients include

Your teacher & mentor

Stacey Griffin, founder of Shift Meditation

Stacey Griffin

Stacey Griffin, the founder of Shift, is a certified sound therapist and meditation teacher based in Amsterdam but originally from Canada. An innovator in the field of sound healing, she’s brought her integrative approach to tens of thousands around the world. From leading conferences and festivals such as SXSW and Wanderlust to corporations such as Calvin Klein & Mercedes to museums and nightclubs; she believes in the power of sound to heal and transform. She’s also an artist and advocate for bringing sound as medicine into the mainstream. Her journey with sound started as a young child in Canada, playing guitar and saxophone, and later fully immersing herself in the underground techno scene of Detroit. Along the way, she explored various energy healing modalities (Reiki, Theta Healing) and learned to harness her high sensitivity and intuitive abilities. After more than 15 years working predominantly in the fashion industry, from Toronto to Tokyo, LA to NYC, Stacey was forced to slow down and find balance after suffering from burnout. Introduced to meditation in the late '90s while living in Japan, Stacey returned to the practice to earn her teaching certification in MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction). Stacey now calls Amsterdam home where she lives with her partner and two young children. For the past 8 years, she's been creating immersive sound experiences for healing and meditation in inspiring spaces. Her work has been featured in Happinez, Elle & Vogue. It's her belief in the power of sound, combined with her own personal transformation using sound and meditation that drives her to help others turn inward to improve their lives.

Your investment

This is a certified course intended to kick start your new career.

* This price is excluding sales tax (within EU 21%, outside not applicable)
* Group size is limited
* Free cancellation possible up to 2 weeks before the course start date
*50% refund to cancel within 2 weeks of the start date
* No refunds after the course has started
* The certification is not mandatory if you just want to expand your knowledge & self-care

SCHOLARSHIP: I will be offering one person free tuition for this course. If you're in a tough situation financially but feel aligned and committed to this training, please reach out to me directly at [email protected]

What students of the March 2021 course say

Mindset & Performance Coach, Amsterdam, NL

Stephanie Panther

I've felt very inspired by Stacey's sound therapy work and attended some of her events in the past. When she announced her Sound Therapy practitioner course, I felt a full-body "yes" to join. The course has been the perfect mix of practical and informative, and it has felt like a very supportive container to grow and connect in an intimate group of like-minds. I've loved the content and full immersion over the past 3 months. Now I am integrating my own 'sonic signature' of sound therapy with my coaching practices and the feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive.

Sound healer, Switzerland

Olivier Kunztmann

I chose Stacey as a teacher because she is a radiant, warmhearted human being. Her knowledge about sound and the energetic realm has expanded my horizons enormously and I am happy that I can use and share these learnings in the future in my sound baths and with my community. Thank you for everything!

Sound therapist, Bristol, UK

Laura Taylor

As an already trained sound therapist, I chose Stacey’s course to continue my self-study and expand my knowledge. The course truly opened me up to even more pathways of sound to explore. It went above and beyond my expectations and I have met the most inspirational souls from all over the world whilst doing it. It’s been a journey.

Founder Yang & Yin Health, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Jen Lucas

I can't say enough about Stacey's sound healing practitioner course! Not only did I get the chance to study with and "meet" some of the most amazing humans from around the world, but I also gained a ton of insight into myself and my life's path which has opened me up beyond what I thought possible. It has been the best investment in myself to date and Stacey is an absolute joy to work with!!

Multidisciplinary artist, Berkeley, California

Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle (Olomidara Yaya)

Studying with Stacey for the SHIFT Sound Therapist Certification Course has been a completely life-changing experience in which I was able to connect deeper with aspects of my ancient relationship to sound in order to explore new methods for retrieval. Stacey has the beautiful expertise to inspire people to tap into the power that they already possess and helps folks to use their skills to share much-needed vibrations that heal our pasts, presents, and futures. Taking her course was such a perfect calling to expand my artist healer journey!

Modern mystic, yoga teacher, sound therapist, Amsterdam, NL

Amy Lou Maxwell

The course has been undoubtedly one of the best decisions of my life to take. Not only has the content exceeded all my expectations in terms of a learning capacity, but it's also opened up a whole new more expansive side of me that I feel has been unblocked after this course. The people I've met along the learning journey have been so inspiring as well and Stacey, along the whole path, has been so supportive, encouraging, and learning from her has been a true honour. She really knows her stuff and has a talent for evolving individual growth and setting you up on the right path to leave you feeling motivated and capable to take your new learnings into the world.

Interdisciplinary artist, Amsterdam, NL

Malika Ali Harding

“I signed up for Shift’s Sound Therapy Training Course just to learn a little about working with energy and employing more mindfulness during my creative practices. I wasn’t expecting for my life to be changed, but it has been 100%!  Beyond all the rich and thorough lessons in therapeutic sound, I learned how to better care for my whole self—including in the ways that I eat, think, pray, meditate, and play.  Stacey over-delivered, offering insight into the rich cultural and historical legacies behind sacred sound, as well as the science that supports this practice. Most of all, I loved being reconnected with the rhythm, magic, and power of my own intuitive wisdom.”

kundalini yoga teacher, Ayurvedic massage therapist, Belgium & Italy

Marijs “Rez” Carrin

Stacey teaches and shares her wisdom from the heart. I have learned and grown immensely these past 3 months. This course will stay with me forever. Thank you Stacey from my heart to yours.

Scientist, Sound therapist, Mexico & Germany

Arturo Castro Nava

Stacey is a delightful human being who has created this space to expand our horizons and tune in to our mental/emotional patterns. By diving into each of the perfectly curated modules, I have developed a vast toolbox that I have integrated into my daily life. The unique vibrational modes of the singing bowl, tuning fork, or my voice represent the getaway that has taken me to various states of awareness. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to interact with her and the beautiful group! °° GRACIAS °°


  • How long will students have to complete the assessment?

    You'll have up to 1 year from start date to complete your case studies and assignments in order to earn your certification. I suggest aiming for 3 months after the end of the course.

  • Will we be able to meet in person to practice our new skills?

    I'm planning to create an in-person additional level to this course when the current Corona restrictions allow it. For those able to come to Amsterdam. You can also arrange with your fellow students to practice together online or in-person.

  • Do I need to own all of the instruments taught in the course?

    No, you don't need any instruments to start the course. It may be best to learn about all the instruments first to find what resonates with you. You will eventually need at least 3 (includes voice) though in order to complete the case studies.

  • Is this course open to beginners?

    Yes, you don't need any previous experience. This course is designed to teach you everything you'll need to know. It's also advanced enough for those who have been working with sound healing and want to deepen their skills and business.

  • Will you help us buy instruments?

    Yes, I can guide you to the best sources for each of the instruments offered in the course.

  • What if I live in another time zone and can't make one of the live group calls?

    No worries, all the live video group calls will also be recorded. I will base the timing of these calls based on the group and the dominant geographic region.

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